The future of healthcare is a mobile and data driven solution that improves,

• Patient Engagement & Outcomes in Outpatient Care

• Perioperative Safety & OR Efficiency in Inpatient Care

• Efficiency & Engagement in Clinical Trials

Engaged Efficiency – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

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An Educational Webinar by, Dr. Charise T. Petrovitch Chief of Anesthesia & Acting Deputy Chief of Staff for Clinical Operations Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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The Use of Mobile Technology to Improve Perioperative Safety, OR Efficiency, Patient Experience, and Patient Outcome

Engaged Efficiency

The Core Mobile™ Corey Suite of products are fully customizable, HIPAA compliant, and EMR compatible. Core Mobile delivers a complete spectrum of customizable solutions across all stages of care – Pre-procedure, IntraOp, Post-operative and Post-discharge/Rehab. Our patented Corey technology combines the concepts of LEAN, Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) to improve workflow efficiencies, patient engagement, patient perioperative safety and patient outcomes in multi-specialty settings.




How is Core Mobile being utilized today?

  • “"The use of the CoreyPatient™ mobile app has not only improved our patient pre-surgical instruction compliance, reduced cancellations, and increased throughput; but it has also enhanced our post-surgical follow-ups to advance overall patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. I would highly recommend CoreyPatient to any surgery center who wishes to bring their facility to the next level of efficiency and patient engagement."”

    — Angelique Crooke, PACU Manager, Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center, Bethesda MD

  • — Janet Stocks, patient Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center

  • — Dr. David Cooke, UC Davis

  • — Tom McKinley, Maricopa Health Foundation

  • “Epic training takes 8 hours initially and a 2 month "go live" period with epic trainers in the hospital with you. Compared to that, anyone who can send a text and use a simple smart phone app can use CoreMobile apps after 30 minutes.”

    — Kathryn Camille Holeyfield, MD, Anesthesiologist at Stanford

  • “Core Mobile addresses a gap in delivering useful content to end users of cloud-based services with a technology that identifies the most relevant subset of content, correlates it across multiple sources, and delivers it via a user-friendly interface that fits the small display of a smartphone – all in real time.”

    — John McIntyre, Senior Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator