The future of healthcare is a mobile and data driven solution that improves,

• Patient Engagement & Outcomes in Outpatient Care

• Perioperative Safety & OR Efficiency in Inpatient Care

• Efficiency & Engagement in Clinical Trials

Engaged Efficiency – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device


An Educational Webinar by, Dr. Neal Kaushal, Gastroenterology Physician at UCLA Medical Center and co-author of a recent study on the utilization of mobile technology within the endoscopy unit.

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The Use of Mobile Technology to Improve Workflow Efficiency, Patient Engagement & Compliance, and Patient Satisfactions & Outcomes

Engaged Efficiency

The Core Mobile Corey™ Suite of products are fully customizable, HIPAA compliant and EMR compatible. Core Mobile delivers a complete spectrum of customizable solutions across all stages of care – pre-acute, acute, and post-acute. Our patented Corey technology improves workflow efficiencies, patient engagement, and patient report outcomes.




The Future of Healthcare

Core Mobile's patented Corey™ technology platform enables Engaged Efficiency™ on smart phones, tablets, and computers.

How is Core Mobile being utilized today?

  • “"The initial study using paper charting took in total about 14 months to complete whereas same study using Core Mobile software took about 16 weeks to complete and present at a conference."”

    — Dr. Neal Kaushal, Gastroenterologist, UCLA Digestive Diseases

    Watch the Webinar

  • “"The use of the CoreyPatient™ mobile app has not only improved our patient pre-surgical instruction compliance, reduced cancellations, and increased throughput; but it has also enhanced our post-surgical follow-ups to advance overall patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. I would highly recommend CoreyPatient to any surgery center who wishes to bring their facility to the next level of efficiency and patient engagement."”

    — Angelique Crooke, PACU Manager, Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center, Bethesda MD

  • — Janet Stocks, patient Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center

  • — Dr. David Cooke, UC Davis

  • — Tom McKinley, Maricopa Health Foundation

  • “Epic training takes 8 hours initially and a 2 month "go live" period with epic trainers in the hospital with you. Compared to that, anyone who can send a text and use a simple smart phone app can use CoreMobile apps after 30 minutes.”

    — Kathryn Camille Holeyfield, MD, Anesthesiologist at Stanford

  • “Core Mobile addresses a gap in delivering useful content to end users of cloud-based services with a technology that identifies the most relevant subset of content, correlates it across multiple sources, and delivers it via a user-friendly interface that fits the small display of a smartphone – all in real time.”

    — John McIntyre, Senior Director, Citrix Startup Accelerator