Digestive Diseases


50% increase on-time procedure starts for digestive surgery

Save time and money by improving procedure room turnover. Sample results:

  • On-time starts increase of 50%
  • True completion time reduced by 12%
  • Overtime costs reduced by 30%
  • Full-time employee reduced by 0.85
  • Annual cost savings of $300,00 (more than $50,000 per room)
  • Annual cost savings equal 11% of total operating expenses

The Solution

By implementing CoreyHealth™ and CoreyPatient™ you can have Engaged Efficiency™ throughout your Endoscopy center:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks in the pre- and post-procedure/recovery area.
  • Allocate procedure rooms dynamically.
  • Transport patients into endoscopy rooms immediately after room turnover is complete.
  • Take first case patients directly to endoscopy room, eliminating one transport.
  • Tie nursing bonuses to performance metrics.