Interventional Cardiology


Increase patient flow and patient satisfaction

Potential results:

  • Increase patient throughput between 5% and 20%
  • Increase patient and patient satisfaction scores between 5% and 20%
  • Improve coordination between EP, CCU, Cardiac Cath, Echo, Step down and Floor

The Solution

Corey™ server was integrated with existing tele-tracking and patient flow systems to provide large screen displays of patient status in 15 locations in Electrophysiology, Cardiac Catheterization, Echo Cardiogram, Cardiac Care Unit, Step Down Unit and the floor.

  • The staff views and updates patient status on desktops and mobile devices any time any where with real time updates to relevant team members.
  • Mobile devices with location based intelligence is used to streamline workflow and perform instant updates to downstream departments in the work flow.
  • Predictive analytics is used to optimize the workflow to increase efficiency.
  • This results in increased patient satisfaction, increased staff satisfaction, increase in patient throughput and improved outcomes.