Operating Room Efficiency

Engaged Teams = Improved Patient Throughput & OR Turnover Times

Core Mobile’s Engaged Efficiency™ solutions incorporate the key LEAN principles of understanding your patient needs and creating a process to respond. Lean can increases Operating Room throughput up to 20%. Our CoreySurg™ and CoreyPatient™ solutions focus on using mobile and predictive analytic technologies to improve hospital communication and workflow coordination, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Core Mobile Overview


With CoreySurg and CoreyPatient Solutions your surgical facility can achieve:

Care coordination and workflow collaboration between staff members from check-in, admitting, pre-op, anesthesia, surgery, PACU, through discharge.

Instant access to just the relevant patient information on mobile devices based on context and role of the provider and specific patient, with the ability to access and update from mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Real time location based intelligence and visibility of patient status and movements.

Predictive analytics to optimize staff member utilization and patient family experience.

Patient engagement for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgical follow up for maximizing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

The informed consent process is completely automated through the CoreyPatient™ and CoreyHealth™ mobile applications.

Key Benefits:

Improves staff coordination and collaboration within hospitals and ambulatory services.

Reduces room turnover time by 5 to 15 minutes per patient.

Increases patient throughput between 5% and 20%.

Expanses OR capacity between 5% and 20%.

Adds capacity of ONE operating room for every 10 to 20 existing ORs.

Operating Room Efficiency