CoreyHealth™ ENT

Simplify Pre-Admission, Streamline Workflow, Improve Patient Engagement and Outcomes in ENT

Core Mobile’s suite of Corey products are HIPAA certified, EMR compatible and fully customizable to meet the needs of your ENT practice. CoreyHealth™ harnesses the power of mobile technology across all stages of care to improve workflow efficiencies, patient engagement, and patient reported outcomes. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your practice’s operation including clinical, administrative, and billing.

1. Pre-admissions simplified and streamlined

  • Educate & Engage Patients
  • Reduce Cancellations, no-shows and delays

2. Improve Perioperative Patient Safety & Costs

  • Reduce surgical errors by laterality checks
  • Optimize preoperative testing to reduce costs

3. Implement LEAN and Improve Efficiency

  • Improve care coordination
  • Increase number of cases per facility

4. Implement Perioperative Surgical Home

  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient outcomes

5. Implement and Optimize Enhanced Recovery After Surgery - Automate ERAS pathways including,

  • Patient education
  • Compliance data collection