Case Studies

Core Mobile's patented Corey™ technology platform in Thoracic Surgery.

Thoracic Surgery

  • UC Davis Department of Thoracic Surgery & Cancer Center

    Who: Dr. David Cooke, Head of General Thoracic Surgery, UC Davis Medical Center and Cancer Center

    Organization: University of California, Davis

    Problem/Issue to solve: Improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, and reduce revisits

    Application of Core Mobile product: Core Mobile’s patented technology was used on HIPAA compliant servers with two mobile applications, CoreyHealth used by providers and CoreyPatient used by patients. The CoreyHealth and CoreyPatient applications are used for remote patient engagement in preoperative, perioperative, postoperative, and post-discharge stages of treatment. Patients are able to watch videos and read instructions which are specifically customized for the patient by the surgeon and his team. Patients are able to communicate with provider team by text, voice-to-text, images, and videos. Patients can provide feedback right from their mobile phone or tablet. The feedback questions are customized by the surgeon and his team for a specific patient with a specific procedure. Patients are provided reminders for medications, diet & liquids, dressings, and future appointment for follow up.

    Projected Outcome: Improved patient satisfaction, reduced revisit, and reduced readmissions.