Core Mobile provides a customizable Pandemic Response Solution for healthcare providers and patients based on CDC / WHO guidelines that includes:

  • Screening
  • Geo-Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Contact Tracing
  • Tele-Health
  • Tele-Critical Care
  • Scalable Tele-Critical Care Platform

The Corey for Pandemic Response solution begins with Pre-Screening and Screening of patients, continues onto Tele-Health capability, and extends to the acute care environment from within a single application.

In addition, all facets of the Corey for COVID-19 Pandemic Response solution can be scaled to a local, regional, inter-regional level, or national level.

The platform uses Core Mobile’s patented technology for patient education, patient engagement, patient-reported outcome measurements, and workflow efficiency improvement which is updated for COVID-19 use.

These mobile app add-ons come at no additional cost to patients and care providers and are embedded into the CoreyHealth™ and CoreyPatient™ apps and CoreyPlatform™, which are HIPAA and FISMA certified by the US Federal Government.

The platform can be used as a standalone system or after integration with Electronic Health Record Systems (VistA, Epic, Cerner, PAS, and others).

Download the Corey for COVID-19 PDF

CoreyHealth™ for COVID-19

    Core Mobile Inc. is now offering a COVID-19 focused, complete telehealth mobile application solution to screen/triage patients, prioritize high-risk patients for prevention and treatment, and track the progress of these patients. The prioritization is visible to care providers only.

    CoreyPatient for COVID-19

Risk Calculator

    The CoreyHealth™ for COVID-19 application comes with a risk calculator that helps healthcare providers assess patient risk, taking into account age, gender, exposure and pre-existing conditions as outlined by the CDC.


    Patients are listed in the CoreyHealth™ application by risk level as assessed by the COVID-19 questionnaire and integrated risk calculator, all based on CDC guidelines. Highest risk patients are presented in red, followed by medium and low-risk patients color coordinated accordingly, assisting healthcare providers in prioritizing patient care.

    Prioritization for COVID-19

Video Consultation

    Front-line providers can schedule voice and video consultations right from within the CoreyHealth™ applications. The voice and video consultation features are integrated with Zoom, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Google Duo, Skype, and Teams, ensuring that all patients and providers can leverage the Core Mobile solution.

Patient Engagement

    This telehealth solution allows for remote patient monitoring through its comprehensive patient engagement and patient education solution, CoreyPatient™. Patients have access to instructional and educational materials regarding COVID-19 via the CoreyPatient™ application. Patients are able to communicate with their providers via text, voice, picture, and video messaging features.

    In addition, healthcare providers can communicate and continue monitoring patients via reminders and surveys.

    Reminders for COVID-19

Lab Orders

    Using the Core Mobile solution, healthcare providers can place lab orders from within the application and track the order through completion and results. Healthcare providers are notified when patient lab results are ready for viewing and can view results from within the application.

    Lab Orders for COVID-19

One-Touch Instant Access to Relevant Information

    CoreyHealth™ provides one-touch instant access to just the relevant patient information. Healthcare providers can view a patient’s medical history, medication orders, allergies and other relevant data with just one touch, allowing for a more informed and rapid care process for each patient.

    Patient Data for COVID-19

Integration with point-of-care devices

    CoreyHealth™ integrates with point-of-care devices, like monitors, wearables, inventory control systems, and Real-Time Location Tracking Systems.

CoreyPatient™ for COVID-19

    CoreyPatient™ for COVID-19 is available on iOS App Store and Android Play Store and helps direct patients to the appropriate resources based on symptoms, track responses, and assists healthcare facilities with identifying patient risk levels to more efficiently direct their response efforts.

    CoreyPatient for COVID-19

Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

    CoreyPatient™ prompts patients to take a questionnaire, as shown below, find resources for their care and get recommendations for a course of action specifically suited to their needs. The responses by patients are tracked by the platform and shared with the care providing staff for prioritization.

    Questionnaire for COVID-19

Video Consultation

    Patients can request to schedule a video consultation right from within the application, minimizing unnecessary trips to the healthcare facility.

    CoreyPatient for COVID-19

Seamless Integration with Wearables

    CoreyPatient app integrates seamlessly with a variety of wearables like Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, FitBit and most other custom wearables.

Wearable Integration

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