Core Mobile harnesses the power of mobile technology, real-time data, AI and machine learning enabling
care providers to unify and mobilize the patient and staff experience throughout all stages of care.

Core Mobile Unifies Workflow & the Patient Experience

Improve Patient Readiness, Increase Efficiency & Leverage Technology to
Deploy More Impactful Decisions

Benefits of Core Mobile Solution

  • Improve Patient Readiness
  • Reduce Cancellations & No Show
  • Increase Patient Throughput
  • Optimize Facility Utilization
  • Reduce Surgical Errors
  • Improve Care Coordination & Continuity
  • Reduce Readmission & Revisits
  • Manage Risk
  • Reduce Costs of Pre-op Testing
  • Improve Patient & Staff Satisfaction
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores & Outcomes
  • Data Analytics & AI to Deploy More Precise Decisions

A Holistic Platform with Functionality for All Stages of Care &
Extends Existing Care Models

Core Mobile’s integrated and mobilized platform combine the concepts of LEAN, Perioperative Surgical Home, and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery to achieve quantifiable results.

Is CoreyHealth Right for You?

Patient Education & Engagement (GI)

BEFORE Cancellation / Delay / No Show Rate
AFTER Cancellation / Delay / No Show Rate
VALUE After 3 Years
COST After 3 Years
ROI After 3 Years

Workflow Optimization & Patient Tracking (OR, GI, Spine)

BEFORE Cases per
BEFORE Cases per
VALUE After 3 Years
COST After 3 Years
ROI After 3 Years

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