Core Mobile’s Digital Health Solutions come with automated, real-time clinical documentation capabilities. Clinical documentation for every stage of the care process can be completed from a single user interface without the need for logging into multiple platforms.

In addition, Core Mobile integrates with multiple EHR/EMR, clinical systems, monitors and wearables, allowing for single sign-on and automated completion of specialized forms.

Automated & Hands-Free Clinical Documentation

Core Mobile’s hands-free clinical documentation capability harnesses the power of Apple Watch to allow for voice-driven clinical documentation. Pre-hospital clinicians and healthcare providers can now care for patients and complete clinical documentation in real-time.

Additionally, the clinical documentation solution integrates with medical devices, like monitors, and wearables so patient data is automatically populated into clinical documentation for the provider in real-time.


Hands-Free Clinical Orders

Core Mobile’s hands-free clinical documentation solution allows providers to place lab and medication orders using voice commands on Apple Watch and mobile devices.


Patient Vitals


Specialized Forms with History

H&P Form

Flow Sheets

ICU Flow Sheet

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?