The Core Mobile system automates ERAS protocol compliance.

Core Mobile's ePRO is customized for each specialty, improving patient outcomes by 5%-20%.


Measurable and Quantifiable Impact


The Core Mobile solution integrates these interventions with existing clinical system at your facility, streamlining the ERAS implementation at your medical facility.

This is how Core Mobile helps providers with ERAS implementation:

  1. Enable faster and more effective implementations of ERAS

  2. Seamless integration with existing EMR/EHR and ARK at each facility

  3. Automate evidence based patient education, especialty and procedure specific patient engagement

  4. Eletronic empathy communications follow up with patients throughout the perioperative process

  5. Enable text, voice-to-text, visual and video patient to provider and provider to staff communication

  6. Optimize each element in ERAS pathway(s) including individualization of pathways

  7. Automate collection of ERAS compliance data and patient reported outcome (PROs)

  8. Dynamically generated care circles based on stage of patient to improve communication between care provider teams to collect evidence based ERAS data

  9. Leverage wearables and next gen fitness trackers to further automate ERAS data collection and reporting to care provider teams

  10. Expand ERAS to multiple service lines faster and more effectively

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