Core Mobile's Pandemic Response Platform provides geo-fencing, geo-tracking, and contact tracing so that healthcare authorities understand the scope of pandemics in their communities.

Mobile App for Providers and Healthcare Authorities

    With Core Mobile's user-friendly application, providers and healthcare authorities can track active viral cases in their communities using existing mobile devices.


Live Dashboard for Healthcare Authorities

    Core Mobile provides a Live Dashboard for Healthcare authorities and governments.

    The Live Dashboard allows for the tracking of active cases, inactive cases, and active cases that are not quarantine compliant in order to help slow the spread of disease in communities.

    The dashboard also provides a daily count of active cases

    Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard

Integration with Wearables

    Core Mobile's Pandemic Response Platoform integrates with most wearables, allowing patients and providers to track their own temperature and symptoms in order to self-quarantine if necessary.

Wearable Integration

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?