Core Mobile’s solutions for mental and behavioral health utilize its patented platform and comes with:

  • A mobile app for use by patients/public for mental health and suicide reduction
  • A mobile app for use by care providing staff
  • A Web Application for care providers

  • Read Core Mobile's white paper on Virtual Mental and Behavioral Health here

    Virtual Mental Health

    Virtual Mental Health

    Mobile App & Web App for Patient or Public Use

      Measurable Impact

      Core Mobile leverages existing technologies to deliver a native Mobile app on iPhones, iPads, and Androids for patients. Used for:

    • Taking questionnaires before and during the treatment
    • Mental health assessments
    • Patient education & engagement 
    • Mental health resources
    • Electronic patient reported outcomes
    • Sending & receiving messages with care providers using voice-to-text, images, videos
    • Video consultations in real time on demand
    • Live video sessions with provider as per pre-defined schedule

    Mobile App & Web App for Us by Care Providers

      Measurable Impact

      The Core Mobile solution for mental & behavioral health comes with a Mobile app and WebApp for care providers. Used for:

    • Reviewing/revising questionnaires
    • Review responses
    • Adjusting the care pathways for CBT/CPT
    • Messaging patients
    • Intra-staff messaging
    • Video consultations in real time
    • Live video sessions with patients
    • Remote monitoring of patients etc.

    How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?