Core Mobile’s solutions Pandemic Response Live Dashboard helps health authorities and governments to:

  • Track active cases
  • Track inactive cases
  • Ensure quarantine is being followed for live cases
  • Monitor patients with high temperatures

  • Geo-Fencing, Geo-Tracking, and Contact-Tracing

      Measurable Impact

      During a pandemic, being able to automate contact tracing and track quarantining patients is important to containing the virus. Core Mobile, Inc. allows for automated contact tracing and geo-fencing in order to stop the spread. With an easy-to-use interface and real time data, health authorities can understand the pandemic in their communities and address it accordingly. In addition, Core Mobile’s solution integrates with temperature monitors and wearables, identifying cases at the earliest moment.

      Patients breaking quarantine are identified and sent a friendly reminder about the importance self-quarantining when exhibiting symptoms.

    Measurable Impact

    Bed Availability

      Core Mobile allows health authorities and governments to determine which hospitals have ICU availability. During a pandemic, knowing where ICU beds are available allows health authorities to direct patients to health facilities with capacity.

      Measurable Impact

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