Improve Efficiency and Access to Care
Manage Your Student Health Services, No Matter How Complex

Core Mobile is built on the belief that engaging patients at every level of their care will lead to lower readmissions and revisits, and improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Our patented healthcare solutions harness the power of mobile, AI machine learning, and real-time data to help unify care team communication and coordination, and engage and educate patients, their families, and caregivers.

Core Mobile’s solutions are HIPAA and FISMA-certified and can integrate seamlessly with all your documentation systems including VistA, Epic, ARK-systems, & Cerner, reducing documentation for your entire team so they can focus on providing patients an optimal healing environment.

Benefits of Core Mobile’s
Patient Centered Care Solution

  • Enhances care team communication and collaboration before, during, & after surgery
  • Information is shared fully & in a timely manner so patients, their families & caregivers can make informed decisions
  • Improves patient engagement & education
  • Enhances continuity & transition of care
  • Advances patient access to care at the right time & the right place
  • Optimizes patient experience & quality of care
  • Improves patient outcomes & satisfaction
  • Reduces documentation & turns it into readily available patient status observations
  • Automates analytics & metrics reporting

Features & Workflow of Core Mobile’s AI-Driven Patient Centered Care Solution

Deliver an Optimal Healing Environment with
Core Mobile’s Patient-Centered Care Solutions

    Core Mobile’s state-of-the-art technology provides solutions such as:

  • Patient Engagement Apps on iPhone & Android – which can fully integrate with patient information, patient education, and documentation systems and enables patients and healthcare providers to engage efficiently across Smartphones, iPads, and computers
  • Patient Scheduling – that can meet the specific requirements of your physician’s office, clinic, or hospital and seamlessly coordinate scheduling between patients, multiple clinics, staff resources, and operating rooms, reducing patient wait times and optimizing facility resources
  • Powerful Analytics & Reporting Capabilities – with extensive data collection to help identify trends, optimize communication, and improve accuracy
  • The Corey suite of products delivers a unified patient and physician experience from scheduling to post-discharge, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?