Coordinate & Streamline Patient Scheduling
Improve Patient-Physician-Staff Communication & Experience

Have you ever wished there was a scheduling system that was simple to use; met the specific requirements of your physician’s office, clinic, or hospital; and seamlessly coordinated scheduling between patients, multiple clinics, staff resources, and operating rooms, all while being accessible from any mobile device, anytime? Meet Corey Scheduler.

CoreyScheduler is HIPAA and FISMA certified, offers exceptional functionality, is customizable and scalability to any size hospital or clinic, and can integrate with other health management systems including your EMR/EHRs.

Benefits of CoreyScheduler

  • Boosts staff productivity
  • Reduces patient no-shows & delays
  • Improves patient reported outcomes
  • Improves clinical documentation
  • Improves patient care givers coordination & communication
  • Improves patient experience & satisfaction
  • Increases OR utilization
  • Reduces OR turnover time
  • Improves patient throughput
  • Reduces staff & supply costs
  • Optimizes reimbursement

CoreyScheduler Features

  • Centralizes patient scheduling, workflows, & resources
  • Allows schedules to be viewed & updated in real-time via mobile devices, tablets, & desktops
  • Features an easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Integrates with other patient scheduling and EMR/EHR systems
  • HIPAA & FISMA Certified
  • Preforms real-time scheduling & conflict checking
  • Automates patient appointment reminders
  • Collects data for analytics & reporting
  • Determines pre-op testing requirements
  • Provides coding for billing

Optimize Communication, Education, & Coordination of Care
Throughout the Entire Patient Experience

    With additional Core Mobile modules such as CoreyHealth you can track patients throughout the entire surgical experience on large screen displays and coordinate care between surgeons, anesthesia providers, nurses, and surgical staff efficiently across Androids, iPhones, iPads, and computers.

    The Corey suite of products delivers a unified patient and physician experience from scheduling to post-discharge, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Is CoreyHealth Right for You?

Patient Education & Engagement (GI)

BEFORE Cancellation / Delay / No Show Rate
AFTER Cancellation / Delay / No Show Rate
VALUE After 3 Years
COST After 3 Years
ROI After 3 Years

Workflow Optimization & Patient Tracking (OR, GI, Spine)

BEFORE Cases per
BEFORE Cases per
VALUE After 3 Years
COST After 3 Years
ROI After 3 Years

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