Core Mobile’s™ Post-Acute Care Solution enables complete workflow for post-acute care:

  • Comes with an Analytics Engine and Integration engine, allowing for integration with EHR/EMR, PACS systems, e-Prescription systems, bedside monitors and wearables.
  • Comes with EHR/EMR for facilities that do not currently have one.
  • Automatically prioritizes patient based on risk level according to past medical history pulled from EHR/EMR.
  • Allows providers to easily view patient data, including allergies, medication orders, lab results and vitals from the patient dashboard.
  • Video consultation capability is embedded in the patient and provider applications, expanding remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Allows providers to send customizable surveys, reminders, and electronic patient reported outcome questions to the patient and view patient responses in real time.
  • Provides real time, ad hoc, and pre-packaged analytics and reports in addition to leveraging predictive analytics to improve efficiency- all of which are customizable per facility.
  • Reduces readmissions after discharge
  • Lowers Surgery Warranty Costs with automated real time check-ins and monitoring to prevent decline in patient condition.
  • Patient initiated proactive engagement allows for increased CMS claims.
  • Free up Staff time by elevating patients that have requested assistance, critical screenings symptoms, and out of range device alerts vs. manually initiated email and phone communication.

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