Core Mobile’s Emergency Clinical Charting solution offers streamlined care coordination and workflow efficiency for Prehospital clinicians and healthcare providers.

Core Mobile’s™ Emergency Clinical Charting Solution:

  • Reduce charting expenses by 50%.
  • Is available for mobile, desktop, smartwatch, and headsets and syncs automatically between devices.
  • Allows clinicians to view patient data, record voice memos, and transmit vitals to the care team on the ground.
  • Allows Clinicians to to administer care while recording hands-free notes using Apple iWatch and ANR headsets.
  • Connect to monitors (Zoll), wearables and other medical devices to collect patient vitals.
  • Includes ePCR and integrates with other ePCRs, EHR and EMR.
  • Offers analytics and reporting, including NEMSIS compliance.

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