CoreyRTLS – Improve Patient Safety & Easily Manage Assets

What is RTLS?

Real-Time Location Systems or RTLS are used to help healthcare providers monitor and track patients, staff, and medical equipment.

In addition to locating and managing assets, Real-Time Location Systems should easily integrate with other healthcare IT solutions, such as EMRs and inventory management systems, to improve workflow efficiencies, reduce cost, and increase patient safety.

Why CoreyRTLS?

    CoreyRTLS provides:

  • Mobile hardware and unique ID codes to detect the precise location of people and assets within the care facility
  • Meaningful data to improve patient safety and streamline workflow and inventory processes
  • Integration with existing management systems including EMRs.

CoreyRTLS Features

Safety Features

  • Real-time location of staff
  • Automatic alerts
  • Staff & patient hygiene
  • Tracks interactions between patients, staff, & equipment
  • Asset monitoring & utilization
  • Recall & expiry management

Workflow Features

  • Real-time location-based visibility of patient's status & movements
  • Staff tracking
  • Clinical process & workflow efficiency improvement
  • Enables care teams to securely collaborate & coordinate patient care

Reporting &
Compliance Features

  • Track throughput or extended waiting times
  • Track time spent with care providers or elapsed time between treatments
  • Track staff compliance
  • Track equipment utilization
  • Track patient's hospital stay duration

Benefits of CoreyRTLS?

Patient & Staff Safety

  • Ensure a Safe & Compliant Environment
  • Improve Response Times
  • Reduce Patient Readmission Rates
  • Improve Patient Outcomes & Satisfaction
  • Increase Staff Satisfaction & Retention

Patient Procedural Care

  • Improve On-time Starts & Patient Throughput
  • Improve Care Coordination & Communication
  • Reduce Patient Wait-times
  • Free-up Care Time & Improve Access to Care
  • Automate Patient Contact Tracing

Manage Assets

  • Quickly Locate Patients & Staff
  • Improve Staff Performance
  • Improve Inventory Supply Management
  • Improve Equipment Utilization Rates
  • Gain Real-time Insights on Equipment Workflow

Patient Location

    Patient location is easily identified in real-time through the CoreyHealth™ application.


Indoor Map

    Patient and asset locations are listed in terms of distance to user but are also pinpointed on an indoor map of the healthcare facility.


Misplaced Assets

    Assets not located in the assigned location are easily identified and tracked with CoreyRTLS.


Surgeon Location

    Locating the assigned surgeon for an operation in real-time is possible with CoreyRTLS.


How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?