Improve Efficiency and Access to Care
Manage Your Student Health Services, No Matter How Complex

Today’s college health systems face greater challenges than ever before. Core Mobile is built on the belief that involving students at every level of their care will lead to better outcomes, increased efficiencies, and improved patient satisfaction and retention.

Our complete solution is customizable, HIPAA certified, and can seamlessly integrate with existing practice management and EMR/EHR systems.

CoreyHealth enables campus health systems to:

  • Expand student engagement and readiness
  • Increase care coordination and collaboration
  • Improve patient outcomes and compliance rates
  • Streamline workflow processes
  • Deliver an easy method for collecting, assessing student risk, and reporting patient intelligence

Identify Risk Trends, Optimize Student Communication &
Education, & Coordination Care

Student Engagement & Education

  • Online Appt. Scheduling
  • Communicate with Care Givers via Text, Email, Phone, Images and Videos
  • Student Education via Videos, Images, Text, & Voice
  • Status & Process Checklists, Pre- & Post-Instructions
  • Reminders, Pre, Post, & Follow-ups
  • Satisfaction Surveys

Efficiency & Care Coordination Tools

  • Staff Communication & Coordination via Mobile Devices & Desktop
  • Context-based Access to Student Info via Mobile Devices & Desktop
  • Automated Scheduling & CPT Coding
  • Surgical Risk Calculators
  • Individualized Pre-operative Testing
  • Student Tracking via Screen Displays, Computer & Mobile Devices
  • Access to Patient Info on Mobile Devices
  • Bed Management
  • Student Safety & Surgical Error Prevention

Customizable Analytics & Reporting

  • Risk Stratification Analytics
  • Track National Quality Performance
  • Real-time Compliance Reporting
  • Retrospective/Historical Reports
  • Ad-hoc & Real-time Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Student Satisfaction & Outcome Measurements
  • Care Quality Metric Measurement & Reporting

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?