Core Mobile, Inc. harnesses the power of mobile, real-time data, AI, and machine learning in order to deliver an easy to use Tele-Health solution for patients and providers.

Healthcare providers can easily schedule and conduct video consultations, view and update patient data in any EHR, send reminders and education material to patients, and follow up on patient care vie electronic patient reported outcomes from within the Core Mobile solution using the CoreyHealth™ app for providers and the CoreyPatient™ app for patients.

In addition, the solution enables remote patient monitoring through integration with wearables.

Measurable and Quantifiable Impact

Measurable Impact

Scheduling, Instant Access to Patient Data, and Encounter Generation

    Core Mobile's applications for providers, CoreyHealth™, and patients, CoreyPatient™, allows for scheduling video consultations right from within the application.

    Patients can request a video consultation on their mobile devices from the CoreyPatient™ application.

    Providers are able to confirm a video consultation request made by a patient, schedule the video consult, and initiate the video consultation from within the the CoreyHealth™ application

    Providers can view and update patient data in real time during each encounter.

    Scheduling Consultations

Pre-Screening and Risk Assessment

    Upon downloading and signing into the CoreyPatient™ application, patients are prompted to take a short questionnaire based on CDC/WHO guidelines.

    The short questionnaire will assess patient risk levels based on age, previous conditions, and questionnaire responses

    Once the patients have been assessed by Core Mobile's intelligent risk assessment, the results are pushed to the healthcare provider as a color-coded list of patients, organized by risk level.


Synchronous Video/Voice Calls &

    Core Mobile's applications for providers, CoreyHealth™, and patients, CoreyPatient™, allows for synchronous voice and video calls right from within the application.

    Calls with patients or intensivists can take place without interrupting the care workflow. In addition, more than one voice and video caller is supported at the same time, allowing for multiple specialists to advise on a single case without interrupting the case workflow.

    The Core Mobile application provides its own embedded voice/video capabilities and integrates with most existing conferencing platforms.

    Synchronous Calling

Screensharing & Whiteboarding On Voice/Video Calls

    Providers and patients can share their screens and access the whiteboarding feature during voice and video calls on both mobile and desktop applications.

    Synchronous Calling

Live Chat Capability & Synchronous/Asynchronous Messaging on Voice/Video Calls

    Providers and patients can chat during voice and video calls.

    Available for person-to-person and multi-party calls.

    Synchronous Calling

Asynchronous Voice, Text, Picture and Video Messaging

    The CoreyHealth™ and CoreyPatient™ applications support asynchronous text, voice, picture, and video messaging.

Asychronous Messaging

Patient Education Material

    Education materials (including medication orders/instructions, picture/video materials, procedure descriptions, and pre- and post-op instructions) are customizable for a specific facility, specialty and patient through the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal.

    Core Mobile, Inc. provides pre-set education materials for most common procedures.

    Patient Education- Exercise

Reminders and Checklist Items

    Automated reminders and checklist items are pushed to patients through the CoreyPatient™ application (including medication, exercise, diet, and upcoming appointments) and providers can choose to be notified of patient compliance.

    Core Mobile, Inc. provides pre-set reminders and checklist items for most common procedures.

    Reminders and checklist items can be customized through the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal for a specific facility, specialty, and patient.

    Reminders and Checklists

Two-way Communication

    The CoreyPatient™ application allows for two-way text, voice, picture, and video messaging between patients and providers that is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.


Forms and Surveys

    Patients are prompted to complete registration and intake forms, as well as surveys, from within the CoreyPatient™ application when nearing their appointment, reducing patient queue times.


Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO)

    Core Mobile’s patient engagement/education solution automates the collection of patient-reported outcomes and comes with a preset collection of ePRO questions for most common procedures.

    ePRO questions can be customized from the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal for a specific facility, specialty, and patient.

    Staff can set conditions to be notified on when patients respond to reminders or patient-reported outcome questions in a certain manner, preventing avoidable readmissions at healthcare facilities and notifies staff of adverse events during clinical trials.


Seamless Integration with Wearables

    CoreyPatient app integrates seamlessly with a variety of wearables like Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, FitBit and most other custom wearables.

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?