An Automated, Mobile Vaccine Management Solution for Hospitals and Clinics

Core Mobile's Vaccine Management system allows healthcare providers to schedule and manage vaccine distribution at their clinics or hospitals. The system comes with a mobile app and a desktop portal for providers, CoreyHealth™ and CoreyWebApp™, and a mobile app for patients, CoreyPatient™. Core Mobile solutions integrate with EHRs/EMRs like VistA, EPIC, Cerner, and more.

For more information, download Core Mobile's Vaccine Management Solution PDF here .

Mobile and Desktop Application for Providers

Prioritized Patient List: Core Mobile's Artificial Intelligence automates the prioritization of patients based on age, past medical problems, symptoms, and more.

Group Invite: Invite patients or a set of patients to sign up for an appointment to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Automated Scheduling: Core Mobile's provider mobile app, CoreyHealth™, allows providers to schedule vaccine appointments. The intelligent Corey system automatically checks the appointment with the hospital/clinic schedule and patient before placing the request on the calendar.

Automated Inventory Management: Core Mobile's intelligent system keeps track of vaccine inventory and provides important historical and predictive analytics and reporting.

Patient Education & Engagement: Providers can send reminders, checklists, questionnaires, and voice, picture, text, text-to-voice, and video messages to patients from the mobile app for providers, CoreyHealth™ to the mobile app for patients, CoreyPatient™. In addition, the mobile app automates patient-reported side effects (if any) and produces analytics reports for healthcare facilities with a geographical, and demographic distribution of patients.

Video Consultations: Core Mobile's mobile apps come with embedded video conferencing capabilities allowing for video consultations with patients at any time.

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Mobile Application for Patients

Patient Education: Core Mobile's patient app, CoreyPatient™, provides users with important information about the COVID-19 Vaccine. In addition, patients can message the care provider with any questions as well as browse frequently asked questions.

Scheduling: Users can schedule a vaccine appointment through the mobile app. The intelligent Corey system automatically checks the appointment with the hospital/clinic schedule before placing the request on the calendar.

Contactless Check-in & Directions: CoreyPatient™ directs users to their vaccine appointment with embedded GPS and allows for contactless check-in through the app.

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