Core Mobile’s solutions enhance the existing workflows at care facilities by providing:

  • A mobile app for use by patients
  • A mobile app for use by care providing staff
  • A Web Application for care providers
  • Command Center for management of workflows with predictive capabilities
  • Real Time Location Tracking of patients, assets, and staff inside and outside the facility

    Workflow Efficiency Outcomes

    Mobile Digital Health Solution for Workflow Efficiency

      Workflow Efficiency

    Core Mobile’s digital health solution addresses all stages of patient care – preventive care, preoperative, peri‐operative thru post‐operative care and recovery – to optimize scheduling, improve patient education, patient engagement and readiness, streamline workflow operations and care coordination, and deliver an easy method for collecting and reporting patient outcomes, as well as meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

    Our complete patient engagement solutions are customizable, HIPAA certified, GDPR compliant and can seamlessly integrate with existing EHR/EMR systems.

    Our mobile digital health solution for healthcare providers delivers many benefits:

  • Integrates into the existing clinical and non-clinical systems at your facility
  • Patient and staff scheduling
  • Patient Education, Patient Engagement, Patient Checklists for patients using CoreyPatient™ App
  • Provider-Patient communication and Staff communication & coordination
  • Asset, patient, and staff tracking with or without RTLS inside and outside the facility
  • Clinical documentation from mobile devices
  • Analytics on patient-reported outcomes and compliance to help improve workflow efficiency and patient outcomes
  • Predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes
  • Geo-Fencing, Geo-Tracking, and Contact Tracing capability for infectious diseases

  • How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?