Improving automated hospital workflow efficiency and coordination can help hospital staff shift their focus toward patient-centric care. Core Mobile’s suite of mobile and desktop applications bring streamlined and automated workflow efficiency to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Now facilities can optimize staff and resources, minimize expenses, and boost productivity, while improving patient healthcare outcomes and satisfaction!

Workflow efficiency and care coordination is made a reality with Core Mobile’s comprehensive set of features:

Scheduling Optimization

    Workflow efficiency starts at the moment a patient is scheduled for an appointment. An automated workflow efficiency solution streamlines segments of business operations and revenue cycles- and scheduling is no exception! Core Mobile, Inc. provides a solution that streamlines the scheduling process at healthcare facilities to improve patient throughput between 5% and 20%, and reduce cancellations, delays, and no-shows between 5% and 40%. Not to mention improving patient satisfaction and outcomes!

    ​Core Mobile’s scheduling optimization solution proactively checks schedule availability between the clinic, the OR, staff, and the patient before placing the procedure or appointment on the calendar while organizing the transition of care and treatment.

Contactless Check-In

    Both patients and staff seek a frictionless care and treatment delivery experience without long wait times or excessive paperwork delays. Core Mobile’s contactless check-in solution automatically facilitates hospital admissions with automated mobile check-in, including registration & intake forms, processing insurance documents, billing, and prep instruction compliance.

Patient, Asset , Staff Tracking & Hospital Bed Management

    Core Mobile’s RTLS solution makes it possible manage patient flow, track patients, assets, and staff in real-time inside and outside of the facility making it possible to maintain assets and improve operational efficiency. The intelligent software ensures that critical equipment are maintained and provides loss protection capabilities to ensure that asset utilization is optimized.

    In addition, bed, asset and staff management features ensure that every patient gets consistent care and treatment. Finally, Core Mobile provides tracking of patients and equipment sent home with patients outside the facility on a geographic map.

EHR/EMR Integration

    Healthcare staff can reduce errors and minimize time spent on documentation with automated EHR/EMR integration. Reading from and writing to EHR/EMR is an automated process built-in to all mobile and desktop applications, allowing providers to focus on their patients. Core Mobile solutions integrate with the EHR or EMR utilized at each healthcare facility, making the solution highly customizable and configurable.​In addition, patients and healthcare providers can access clinical documentation and patient data in real-time, allowing for better patient care.

Historical, Real-Time and Predictive Analytics

    Providers can access the analytics dashboard, CoreyAnalytics, to view real-time, historical and predictive analytics and assess how they can provide patients with even better care based on bed, asset, and facility utilization. By predicting facility staff, bed and asset needs, as well as discharge and intake, the Core Mobile solution makes hospitals highly efficient.

    Synchronous Calling

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