• MASC Patient Endorsement

    Who: Janet Stocks

    Organization: Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center, Bethesda MD

    Problem/Issue to solve: Improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, and reduce revisits

    Application of Core Mobile product: Using Core Mobile’s patented CoreyPatient application patients were able to communicate with their doctor remotely during any of stages of treatment via text, voice to text, image and video. Patients had access to 3D rendering videos and specified instruction customized for the patient by their surgeon.

    Projected Outcome: Improved patient satisfaction, Improved patient engagement, reduced revisit, and reduced readmissions.

  • MASC Endorsement

    Who: Angelique Crooke, PACU Manager

    Organization: Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center, Bethesda MD

    "The use of the CoreyPatient™ mobile app has not only improved our patient pre-surgical instruction compliance, reduced cancellations, and increased throughput; but it has also enhanced our post-surgical follow-ups to advance overall patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. I would highly recommend CoreyPatient to any surgery center who wishes to bring their facility to the next level of efficiency and patient engagement."

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