Core Mobile’s mobile digital health solution for healthcare providers allows members of the care team to improve workflow efficiency and improve patient outcomes through the CoreyHealth™ mobile application, CoreyControlCenter™ Web portal and CoreyPeriop™ patient tracking.

Core Mobile’s™ mobile digital health solution for healthcare providers delivers many benefits:

  • Automatically integrates into the existing clinical and non-clinical systems at your facility.
  • Enables and optimizes patient and staff scheduling.
  • Enables Patient Education, Patient Engagement, Patient Checklists for patients using CoreyPatient App.
  • Enables Provider-Patient communication and Staff communication & coordination.
  • Enables patient tracking with or without RTLS.
  • Enables staff to perform clinical documentation from mobile devices.
  • Analytics on patient-reported outcomes and compliance to help improve workflow efficiency and patient outcomes.

Watch the Corey Mobile, Inc. Integration Playlist below for more information on many of Core Mobile's mobile digital health solution integration capabilities.

Measurable and Quantifiable Impact


CoreyHealth™ Application for Mobile Devices

    The CoreyHealth™ application allows providers to schedule procedures, complete clinical documentation, collect one-touch timestamps, collaborate with the care team, communicate with patients, view and update patient data, and measure patient outcomes all on one, easy-to-use graphical interface on Apple and Android devices.


CoreyControlCenter™ Web Portal

    The CoreyControlCenter™ Web Portal allows healthcare providers to manage patient and staff scheduling, configure patient education, patient engagement and patient outcomes measurement rules, configure and manage patient tracking, and configure and manage retrospective and predictive analytics.



    The Corey Analytics module includes pre-built reports, customized per facility, that are accessible by a click of the mouse, in the portal, and a touch of a finger, on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

    The ad-hoc reports are generated by specifying various parameters. The ability to export raw data is also available.

    Core Mobile™ Analytics is available in a few different forms:

    • Pre-packaged reports customized per facility available from the CoreyControlCenter™ web portal at defined intervals.
    • Pre-packaged reports emailed periodically to select staff members.
    • Ad-hoc reports generated on demand specifying the parameters to run reports

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Workflow Optimization & Patient Tracking (OR, GI, Spine)

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