Core Mobile’s patient engagement/education solution, the CoreyPatient™ application, increases patient engagement and improves patient outcomes by placing an emphasis on measuring improvement in patient outcomes. The CoreyPatient™ application allows patients to have a 360° view of their healthcare experience while giving providers the ability to keep tabs on patient progress throughout all stages of care with just one touch.

Core Mobile’s™ Patient Engagement/Education solution provides many benefits:

  • Automatically integrates into the existing clinical (EHR/EMR) and non-clinical systems at your facility.
  • Reduce cancellations/delays/no-shows by ensuring prep instruction compliance.
  • Analytics on patient-reported outcomes and compliance to help minimize readmissions.
  • Supports industry-standard formats like PROMIS, VR12, SF36, MME, and others.
  • Integration with desktop, mobile devices, and wearables.

Measurable and Quantifiable Impact


Patient Education Material

    Education materials (including medication orders/instructions, picture/video materials, procedure descriptions, and pre- and post-op instructions) are customizable for a specific facility, specialty and patient through the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal.

    Core Mobile, Inc. provides pre-set education materials for most common procedures.

    Patient Education- Exercise

Reminders and Checklist Items

    Automated reminders and checklist items are pushed to patients through the CoreyPatient™ application (including medication, exercise, diet, and upcoming appointments) and providers can choose to be notified of patient compliance.

    Core Mobile, Inc. provides pre-set reminders and checklist items for most common procedures.

    Reminders and checklist items can be customized through the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal for a specific facility, specialty, and patient.

    Reminders and Checklists

Two-way Communication

    The CoreyPatient™ application allows for two-way text, voice, picture, and video messaging between patients and providers that is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.


Forms and Surveys

    Patients are prompted to complete registration and intake forms, as well as surveys, from within the CoreyPatient™ application when nearing their appointment, reducing patient queue times.


Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO)

    Core Mobile’s patient engagement/education solution automates the collection of patient-reported outcomes and comes with a preset collection of ePRO questions for most common procedures.

    ePRO questions can be customized from the CoreyCommandCenter™ web portal for a specific facility, specialty, and patient.

    Staff can set conditions to be notified on when patients respond to reminders or patient-reported outcome questions in a certain manner, preventing avoidable readmissions at healthcare facilities and notifies staff of adverse events during clinical trials.


Enhanced Patient Experience

    The CoreyPatient™ application allows patients to stay up to date with their healthcare journey and connected to their providers throughout the care process.

    In addition, the CoreyPatient™ application provides navigation assistance to and within the healthcare facility. The application also integrates with Uber and Lyft, as well as Airbnb, allowing patients and their families to plan their visit.

Seamless Integration with Wearables

    CoreyPatient app integrates seamlessly with a variety of wearables like Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, FitBit and most other custom wearables.

Wearable Integration

Watch our CoreyPatient™ Demo to discover how the application enhances the patient experience:

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