CoreyPeriop™ enables visualization of a patient's progress from inside and outside each operating room. Three versions of large screen display configurations are available.

Waiting Room Screen Display

Provides real-time location progress updates, for each patient, improving communication with family members, thus reducing anxiety, and setting expectations on surgery completion time.

Corey Platform

Preop / PACU Staff Display

The Preop/PACU screen displays provide effortless inter-departmental communication, improved care coordination and workflow collaboration, between staff members, from patient check-in, , pre-op, anesthesia, surgery, PACU, through discharge.

Corey Platform

OR / Control Room Staff Screen Display

The OR Control Desk Display provides an overall view of the OR schedule, for the day, including patients, rooms, surgeon, anesthesia provider, procedure, room staff, etc. as well as patient progress.

Corey Platform

Key Features of CoreyPeriop:

Corey Suite

Team Coordination & Collaboration

  • Status updates/notes are instantly text messaged to team members.
  • Real-time patient progress updates.
  • Integrates with major EHRs.
  • Change OR and staff assignments.
  • Issue orders.
  • Complete checklists

Easily Keep Teams Informed of Status

  • Display on screens and outside of OR.
  • Text message status.
  • Predictive intelligence to inform staff members and departments when they should expect the patient.

Improve Patient & Family Satisfaction

  • Send status updates directly to family members.
  • Set expectations on surgery completion time.

Key Benefits of CoreyPeriop:

  • Improves staff coordination and collaboration within hospitals and ambulatory services.
  • Reduces room turnover time by 5 to 15 minutes per patient.
  • Increases patient throughput between 5% to 20%.
  • Expands OR capacity between 5% to 20%.
  • Adds capacity of ONE operating room for every 5 to 10 existing ORs.

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?