CoreyHealth™: More than a Telehealth Solution

Core Mobile’s Digital health solution, CoreyHealth™, enables care providers to meet with patients wherever they are with Webex Instant Connect. The Webex integration allows for high quality HD video and audio for face-to-face consultations and telehealth appointments between patients and care staff anytime, anywhere.

Customizable and Supports Numerous Workflows

The Core Mobile solution supports numerous workflows - including primary care, mental health, surgery, emergency, post-acute care – and is customizable to facility-specific workflows. In addition, the solution integrates with the existing EHR or EMR at a healthcare facility or provider's office allowing for seamless input and updates of the patient record without any additional steps. Core Mobile provides an EHR or EMR for facilities that do not already have one in use.

To view CoreyHealth™ in the Webex App Hub, click here.

Scheduling Consultations

Scheduling Consultations

Patient Education and Engagement, Medical History and Orders

In addition, with CoreyHealth™, sends automated patient education materials as well as patient engagement tools like surveys, reminders, and checklists to the patient from the moment an appointment is scheduled to discharge right from within the application. Once on a Telehealth call, providers are automatically shown the patient’s medical history, data and vitals without having to log-in to multiple user interfaces. Finally, providers can place orders while on the video or voice call without having to log in to a new portal or leave the call.

Analytics and Reports

    Finally, Core Mobile provides important analytics and reports, including the number of telehealth calls completed within a given time frame or with a specific provider as well as an analysis of peak telehealth call times.

    Scheduling Consultations

Purchase CoreyHealth™

    Core Mobile’s Digital Health solution, CoreyHealth™, can be purchased by healthcare facilities or providers by contacting

    *If your facility would like to try CoreyHealth™, feel free to download the application and use demo credentials below to demo the app.

Demo Download

    To demo CoreyHealth™ please download the app in the App Store or Google Play and login with the following credentials:

    Username: DemoUser

    Password: Demo@coremobile1

    Organization: WWTDemo

Already Purchased CoreyHealth™?

    Once Core Mobile solutions are purchased, CoreyHealth™ is available for download in the App Store and Google Play:

    • Once CoreyHealth™ has been purchased for your facility, your credentials to login to the application will be sent to the email address you provided.
    • Next, visit the App Store or Google Play to download CoreyHealth™ for smartphone and tablet.
    • Once registered, use credentials sent to your email address to login.
    • If you do not receive an email with login credentials, please contact your organization's administrator or contact us at


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