Why Healthcare Security?

Nearly all of today’s healthcare data is generated, conveyed, collected, and stored digitally. As a result, rigorous information security and data privacy practices are extremely vital to the survival of any healthcare organization.

The compromise of healthcare information has been proven to be more harmful than the compromising of credit card information. Hence the need for extreme security measures for patient and provider information held electronically in healthcare IT systems is critical.

At Core Mobile, we partner with you to understand your organization, it’s compliance requirements, security needs, and technology infrastructure. We are uniquely equipped to assist both large and small healthcare organization through the intricacy of healthcare operations, healthcare regulation, and healthcare privacy.

Core Mobile’s healthcare security practice is driven by its founder who has extensive experience in the security industry at Citrix Systems, Nokia/Check Point, Netscreen Technologies, and Juniper Networks; in addition to experience at HP, Motorola, AT&T Bell Labs, and Unisys.

Corey Platform

We can assist with:

  • HIPAA/HITECH/FIPS Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA/NIST Security Standard Gap Analysis
  • Network Infrastructure Assessments
  • Wireless/Mobile Device Susceptibility Assessments
  • Firewall Reviews
  • Third Party Vendor Risk Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Meaningful Use (MU) Risk Assessments
  • Enterprise Risk Management

HIPAA Certified

  • Password protection – requires strong password use.
  • Data encryption during data transfer to and from mobile device.
  • Messages stored on a HIPAA certified cloud from Rackspace or IBM.
  • Logs of messaging events and time stamps stored on a HIPAA certified cloud from Rackspace or IBM.
  • Only those staff members assigned to a particular patient can view the communications.
  • Corey™ detects accidental patient name entry and makes it anonymous.

Security Features

  • Logout wipes all information from mobile device – information only accessible after further login.
  • Automatic logout of users after 15 min of inactivity.
  • Automatic logout when leaving work location.
  • User can only be logged into one device at any time.
  • Automatic account lock out of Corey™ after 3 failed password attempts.
  • Reactivation after account locks out by Administrators.
  • Administrator resetting community each day deletes messages
  • Administrator can disable an account and all information deleted immediately

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