Engaged Teams = Workflow Efficiency & Measurable Outcomes

Core Mobile delivers a complete spectrum of customizable solutions focused on perioperative workflow efficiency to the healthcare market. Our Engaged Efficiency™ solutions address all stages of care -- pre-acute, acute, and post-acute -- to improve workflow efficiencies, patient engagement, and patient reported outcomes. Our patented technology enables healthcare providers and their patients to engage efficiently across smart phones, tablets, wearables, and computers.

Core Mobile Overview

Engaged Efficiency Architecture:

Corey Platform

Engaged Efficiency Features:

Multi-platform – Allows healthcare teams to coordinate and communicate effectively via mobile devices and computers.

Mobile Technology – Combines mobile, cloud, and predictive analytic technologies to improve hospital proficiency and patient satisfaction.

Multi-specialty – ASC, Thoracic, Digestive, Orthopedic, Cardiology, CHF.

Customizable for each specialty and for each medical practice.

HIPAA Certified Software for workflow efficiency, patient engagement and patient reported outcomes.

Integrates with VistA/CPRS, other industry EMRs, and mobile devices to allow unprecedented connectivity and workflow coordination between team members, patients, and hospital management.

Accelerates Interactions with EMRs by retrieving just the relevant context based information and pushing to mobile devices.

Utilizes real time analytics that allow measurement and tracking of key metrics helping to optimize resources and drive bottom line results.

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