Core Mobile’s™ Patient Queue Solution allows departments to track patient wait times as well as the number of patients served, by the department, in order to improve workflow efficiency and patient experience.

Core Mobile’s™ Patient Queue Management Solution provides many benefits.

  • Improves care team coordination and collaboration
  • Easily keeps the department informed of patient status
  • Monitor and improve workflow process with CoreyAnalytics™
  • Improves patient access to care

Core Mobile’s™ Patient Queue Management Solution is both, an independent system as well as a module of CoreyHealth, and was designed for seamless integration with existing clinical and non-clinical systems at your facility.


    CoreyCheckin™ is a patient self-check-in app that simplifies the patient check-in process by replacing a manual check-in process with an easy to use patient self-check-in kiosk.

    In addition, the CoreyPatient™ application allows patients to checkin from their mobile devices. The CoreyPatient™ application prompts patients to checkin when they are nearing their appointment.

    Automatic alerts to the care team that the patient has completed the check-in process eliminates lengthy waiting room times and improves throughput.


One-Touch Icons

    The CoreyHealth™ Application collects timestamps via easy to use, fully customizable one-touch icons. Just one tap of the icon will document specific data (patient arrived, orders checked, first staff interaction, patient with physician, encounter complete etc.) in a quick and easy fashion.

    The one-touch icons are customizable, per facility, via a web-based interface, without the need for software programming, and provides the mechanism which allows the system to track workflow efficiency.

    Time stamps can be saved in the analytics cube (structured analytics database) with ability to export to report generator software.

One Touch

Patient Tracking

    Core Mobile™ displays overall information on the care process, including patient progress, on large screen patient tracking displays, strategically placed in appropriate departments.

    Display boards are customized by the department and specific locations (i.e. patient waiting area vs. an inter-departmental view).

    Patient Tracking


    CoreyAnalytics™ is used to monitor and improve the department’s Patient Flow processes, in order to decrease wait time, improve efficiency and patient satisfaction.

    CoreyAnalytics™ includes pre-built reports, customized per facility, that are accessible by click of the mouse, via the web portal, and touch of the finger, on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


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