Patient Reported Outcomes

Engaged Patients = Improved Care Coordination & Patient Outcomes

Core Mobile’s ePRO promotes informed and shared decision-making between patient and physician. ePRO enables the collection of patient-reported outcomes at multiple time points and from different devices without burdening the patient or provider. Fully HIPAA certified, ePROs preforms predictive analysis and analyzes trends on both individual and population levels. ePRO facilitates patient engagement through enhanced communication and access to their clinical team members.

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Key Benefits of ePRO:

  • HIPAA Certified.
  • Real-time analytics applied to workflow.
  • Interactive and customized per specialty.
  • Integrated with variety of data sources.
  • Accelerated database processing for real time insights into operations and clinical outcomes.

Key Features of ePRO:

  • Improves patient satisfaction.
  • Improves patient reported outcomes.
  • Self-empowers all providers with situational intelligence.
  • Real-time analytics to improve efficiency.
  • Reduces readmissions.

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