Corey for Co-ops mobile app makes it easier for healthcare payers to engage with their members where they are – on their smartphones, tablets, and computers – boosting their experience and motivating them to take action when needed. Corey for Co-ops will:

  • Increased completion of health risk assessment.
  • Reduced expenses on insurance cards.

Ideal Users:

  • Co-Ops
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Hospital Business Offices

Product Details / Features

Corey™ for Co-ops makes it simpler for payers to engage with their members and providers, delivering just the relevant context based information directly to their smartphone or tablet:

  • Insurance cards, benefits and primary care provider details
  • Patients can provide their provider accurate payment information while in the provider's office
  • Location based provider directory search
  • Appointment setting and reminders
  • Reminders about exercise, diet and medications
  • Member assistance via image, video, text and voice-to-text
  • Direct Communication between member, providers and payer team
  • Provider communication including image upload
  • Member context-based information on member pertinent topics such as healthy pregnancy and diabetic care
  • Gamification of Health Risk Assessments
  • Optional Integration with Health Information Exchange

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?