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Engaged Teams = Improved Communication & Workflow Coordination

The success of the Core Mobile Engaged Efficiency™ is driven by the increasing adoption of smart phones and tablets. CoreyHealth™ and CoreyPatient™ provides access to real-time information from multiple sources securely and in compliance with your organization’s security, patient privacy, and confidentiality standards.

Core Mobile Overview
Core Mobile Inc

Improve Patient & Family Satisfaction

  • Before Surgery/Pre-acute Care
  • Send reminders with pre-surgical testing checklist.
  • During Surgery/Acute Care
  • Send status updates directly to family members.
  • Set expectations on surgery completion time.
  • Post-Surgery/Post-acute Care
  • Text messages customized for your patients.
  • Post-operative care instructions pushed to phones and tablets.

Easily Keep Teams Informed of Status

  • Display on screens and outside of OR.
  • Text message status.
  • Predictive intelligence to inform staff members and departments when they should expect the patient.

Corey Platform

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