Core Mobile offers a mobile application and web portal from which healthcare providers can manage patients in acute and intensive care as an extension to the Covid-19 pandemic response platform for assessments and testing.

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Patient Tracking

    Once a patient is admitted, the patient is fitted with an RTLS wristband that allows the ability to track the patient’s location, and where the patient is in the care process.

Patient Tracking

Synchronous Video/Voice Calls with Off-Site Intensivists/Specialists

    CoreyHealth™ allows bed-side care staff to consult off-site intensivists from within the application through video calls while completing bedside clinical documentation as part of the workflow.

    Calls with intensivists and clinicians can take place without interrupting the care workflow. In addition, more than one voice and video caller is supported at the same time, allowing for multiple specialists to advise on a single case without interrupting the case workflow.

    The Core Mobile application provides its own voice/video capabilities and integrates with most existing conferencing platforms.

    Synchronous Calling

Asynchronous Voice, Text, Picture and Video Messaging

    The CoreyHealth™ and CoreyPatient™ applications support asynchronous text, voice, picture, and video messaging.

Asychronous Messaging

Equipment Tracking

    Healthcare providers can also track which piece of equipment has been assigned to the patient and which bed the patient is assigned to.

    Providers can also indicate the location of the equipment used once the care process for a given patient is complete, streamlining the facility’s workflow and equipment location management.

    Asset Tracking

Geotracking, Geofencing, and Contact Tracing

    Core Mobile’s geo-tracking and geofencing feature, allows providers to ensure that patients are complying with quarantine orders.


Post-Discharge Monitoring

    Providers can follow-up on patient progress post discharged through automatic Electronic-reported outcome questions, surveys, and checklist items pushed to the patient’s phone through the patient application, CoreyPatient™.

    Patient Data for COVID-19

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