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Why LEAN from Core Mobile?

Core Mobile incorporates the same proven LEAN principles in our software development to the delivery of our workflow efficiency services. Implementing LEAN process to your workflow can be quite involved and detailed and that’s where we can help.

Core Mobile is unique in providing consultancy and implementation services for workflow efficiency and LEAN adoption in operating rooms for perioperative, ambulatory, and cardiac services.

There are many experts who can provide consulting services to identify and recommend workflow efficiency improvement methods; however, Core Mobile is the only one positioned to provide not only the implementation of automated software solutions, but also the automated collection of data to help measure the impact of such workflow efficiency methods.

What is Lean?

The LEAN philosophy emphasizes creating more value for customers/patients with fewer resources by optimizing the workflow process. The outcome is a more organized operation where employees have access to the tools they need and the empowerment to deliver exceptional customer service/patient care. The results are cost savings due to more efficient processes and workflows resulting in higher customer/patient satisfaction and profitable business results.

Why LEAN Workflow?

Even in well-thought out organizations, workplace processes can be chaotic and unmethodical. There’s outdated documentation, duplication of effort, different people carrying out the same process but in a somewhat different way, or even the same people doing something slightly different each time. This can lead to erratic customer service or sub-optimal patient care, be stressful for employees, and costly for organizations.

Implementing LEAN to your workflow process:

  • Ensures greater customer service / customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improves productivity and reduces process complexity
  • Enhances process speed, reducing cost and resulting in greater profitability
  • Produces quality services in patient care
  • Helps employees become more engaged
  • Improves staff morale
  • Improves safety

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