Maximizing Workflow Efficiency, Patient Engagement & Patient Outcomes.

Enabling Tele-Health, Tele-Critical Care & Virtual Care.

Core Mobile Empowers the World to Respond to Pandemics

Core Mobile is helping the public, healthcare providers, and health officials respond to pandemics and infectious diseases.

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Harness the power of mobile, real-time data, AI, and machine learning to:

• Optimize workflow proficiency in healthcare

• Increase patient engagement and improve patient outcomes

• Improve patient recruitment, retention, and reduce clinical trial duration

Transforming Medical Care, With Just One Touch

Core Mobile’s solution brings all stages of the care process onto a single user interface for patients, providers, health authorities and governments. By streamlining all stages of the care process and leveraging a powerful analytics system, Core Mobile transforms patient outcomes.

Proven Technology Addressing All Stakeholders

Customizable, HIPAA and FISMA certified, GDPR and CFR Part 11 compliant, and EHR/EMR compatible; our solutions unify and mobilize the patient and staff experience from check-in to scheduling, to pre-op, intra-op, through post-discharge, including rehab, outcome measurements, and billing.

How is Core Mobile Being Utilized Today?